Hey, this is Zhangxx.


Hello,我是zhang.xx,程序员 & WOTER,青岛科技大学 · 信息工程 2010 级; 14-16年任职于东软 Neusoft ,负责web与app开发;17年任职于中青致学,负责app接口开发;现任职于蛋壳公寓,java工程师。未完待续---

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Yet another Frontend Engineer.
Yet another Lifelong Designer.

My name is Huang Xuan(黄玄),you can call me nickname Hux. I studied Digital Media Art in Communication University of China, which is a interdisciplinary subject of technology and art, and now Senior.

As a engineer, I work at Wepiao (in CrunchBase) as the dev lead of Front-End Infrastructure Team currently, and Alibaba Trip as Intern for one year previously.

As a designer, I am ever offered as UI/UX Designer Intern by Alibaba, Microsoft etc. I am experienced in Motion Graphic Design, and familer with typography and layout.

Some of my projects is put on my Portfolio 👉 and Github 👉. I am also translator of GDG China, maintainer of Frontend Magazine and owner of Lifelong Romantic Geek